Single Payer

For all that Obama achieved 1 he infuriated us in some particulars –his Drones Over Amerika program comes to mind– and merely disappointed us in others.

Single-payer insurance comes to mind.

WNBTv has long been a knowledgeable proponent of a single-payer system, what with having toiled in the rocky garden of government for nearly three decades; it does everything people need and want, so of course it scared the fuck out of a special interest sucking Congress. Yes, both ReThugs and spineless Dems.

If you doubt the efficacy of a single-payer system, all you need do is look at how many congressmen sign on to other systems (None), or how many times Congress includes itself in their idiotic health insurance schemes (Less than zero.) That’ s because the federal government’s single-payer system is the tits, it rocks!, it’s the health insurance equivalent of the George V in Paris – it accommodates each and every individual need. 2

We had hoped the ACA would be single-payer, but alas, no.

Part of the reason it was not can be ascribed to the efforts of one man,  Jim Messina. 3 Messina ran interference against those Democrats who wanted at least a “public option”, pushing them toward Montana Senator Max Baucus (Messina’s old boss) and The Gang of Six, who made such a mess of the bill it was lucky to survive the SCOTUS review.

Comes now Jim Messina, begging monies for a friend who not only can not pay his medical bills, but will probably go bankrupt, under the current instantiation of the ACA.

We’re not suggesting you don’t fund Leaverton’s request (though his Go Fund Me page is over the desired amount), but we ARE suggesting you give Messina a yuuuuuuge ration of shit for his part in his friend’s dire economic straits. Not to mention, you know, the rest of the country’s.

Then maybe the next time he is in a position to use his power for good, he doesn’t settle for just so-so.

Single Payer

Show 3 footnotes

  1. Though achieved is perhaps the wrong word, given how quickly OMP is inking away many of those accomplishments.
  2. As an example, we paid ZERO DOLLARS for our children’s births, to include the 3-day stay (each) at St. Luke’s, including meds, doctor’s fees as well as the usual administrative padding.
  3.  Messina was Deputy White House Chief of Staff for Operations under President Obama. Part of his job description included ensuring the ACA included neither a single-payer plan or even a public option. Go, Jim! Asshole.

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