Monica Redux

Sarah HuckabeeSay…isn’t that Monica’s old desk?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the latest iteration in a longish line of White House talking stooges, is said to be fast finding favor with our Pussy Grabber in Chief.

A Little Rock Central High School 1 alumni, as well as an undistinguished graduate of Ouachita Baptist University (where her father, Mike “The End Times Cain’t Come Soon Enough” Huckabee, earned a magna cum laude in his chosen field of study, Religion 2), Huckabee used her family connections to start her political career in Arkansas. Eventually she worked for her father’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Now she’s in the White House.

Just down the hall from noted serial molester of women, OMP.

One wonders, given our Pussy Grabber in Chief’s infamous predilections, whether he will find his own Monica knock-off too irresistible, or will he –at the very last second– remember what happened to the last Oval Office occupant who went down that path?

Bet it’s a near thing either way.
Monica Redux

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