Kansas City

We understand that Kansas City “Sly” Mayor James finally got his meeting with our new Governor, Eric “Minigun” Greitens 1, who enthused that “We had a really great meeting with the Mayor.” 2

For his part James was equally (falsely) enthusiastic about the meeting.

“I thought it went extremely well… What we talked about was whether or not how we could find ways to collaborate on things like public safety. And so we’re going to be talking about that going forward.”

However, there was no immediate word on exactly how many cowboys “Minigun” was willing to loan Kansas City to assist in our current rogue cattle round-up.

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Everything’s Up To Date in Kansas City

Kansas City

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Kudos to long-time reader Condi for the fitting appellation.
  2. Of course “Minigun” spewed said pap with a sociopath’s smile firmly fixed in place, so we’re not sure we should take his utterings at face value.

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