Can\’t Make This Shit Up

The gall.

The entirety of the ReThug establishment is crying about betrayal and plots and Democratic malfeasance, loudly and at length. As though they were not intent on finagling folks into paying more in order to die poorer and faster.

Whether the ReThugs forswear their Constitutional duty (under one president) to allow the next president to appoint The Commander to SCOTUS 1; whether it’s OMP installing his daughter as (NOT a Federal employee) into the White House as an advisor; whether OMP is pulling ALL economic support for those unemployed coal miners across the southeastern swath of the country (after lying to them about making coal YUUUUGE again), or even if it’s OMP’s endless freaking tweets…you just can’t make this shit up. It’s endless.

But what’s even more incredible? The Deplorables, those sad cases who live and breathe on OMP‘s words (despite all the harm he perpetually publicly states he intends to inflict on them), are still unwavering in their support.

It’s well past time for a competency test in order to be able to vote: The votes of Deplorables with IQs 100 or below should only count as 1/3 a vote, thus taking 3 Deplorables to equal 1 vote.

Folks, we need to stop pretending that about half the country isn’t sadly “differently abled”…

And now for some truth to power:

In Passing

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  1. About that…didn’t the ReThugs say they couldn’t appoint a new SCOTUS seat during a Presidential campaign? Well, according to the Donald J Trump For President, Inc, FEC Form 99, Trump IS campaigning for re-election in 2020 already. What’s good for the goose…

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