A Piss Poor Pint

Oh feck!

Whatever happens, we mustn’t let my adopted son see the fecking windy Speaker raise his piss poor pint of Guinness, he’d be completely on his tobler. He was just on about the subject yesterday and there’s no telling what this GOP shitehawk’s scandalous scoop might wrought.

Grandad’s not above shooting the average American, I’ll have you know, and Speaker Ryan? Well, that’d be a special case…

Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!

A Piss Poor Pint

4 thoughts on “A Piss Poor Pint”

  1. Still trying to shield me from the harsher realities of life?

    That pint looks like one that has been left outside in the smoking area the morning after a hard night before. I wouldn’t drink it to save my life!

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