The War on Drugs

Boss Hog, Head Lawman of These Here United States, appears to have a BBQ basket of reactionary leavings to scatter across the country 1 before he totters off this mortal coil…

One of the world’s largest marijuana festivals, which is expected to be held this week on tribal land outside of Las Vegas, has been facing a possible shutdown for the past two weeks, according to a letter sent by federal officials earlier this month.

U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden, based in Las Vegas, sent a Feb. 16 letter to the Moapa Paiute Tribe reminding the tribe that the transport, possession, use and distribution of marijuana is illegal under federal law. The marijuana trade show and festival, planned for March 4 and 5, would be in violation of that law, according to the letter obtained by the Reno Gazette-Journal.

“I am informed that the tribal council is moving forward with the planned marijuana event referred to as the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup because it is under the impression that the so-called ‘Cole Memorandum’ and subsequent memoranda from the Department of Justice permit marijuana use, possession and distribution on tribal lands when the state law also permits it. Unfortunately, this is an incorrect interpretation of the Department’s position on this issue.”

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  1. Let’s see; the DoJ promises to i.) pull back from police abuse investigations; ii.) quit suing police departments over violating the civil rights of minorities; iii.) promises to crack down on “violent crime”; iv.) will allow men to own their wives; v.) promises to make African-Americans proud of their owners again.

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