Au Courant

This week’s au courant links:

And finally, some esoteric kekism (or “he who controls the memes”):

Au Courant

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  1. Writing the long form –Our Manchurian President– is gonna kill us; from this point onward we intent to use OMP.
  2. What’s significant about this is the ruling was in a per curiam opinion. Per SCOTUS blog: “Traditionally, the per curiam opinion was used to signal that a case was uncontroversial, obvious, and did not require a substantial opinion.” Take heed, White House you’re coming across as rank amateurs.
  3. LOVE The Atlantic, but…duh!
  4. A colleague’s daughter –teaching English in Japan– taught us new one a couple of weeks ago: Hana panikku, which translates as “nose panic.” Yes, wasabi WAS involved.

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