Après L\’abattage de Réarmement

The Republican-led House voted Thursday to repeal an Obama-era regulation that required the Social Security Administration to disclose to the national gun background check system information about people with mental illness.

The regulation instituted in the final days of the Obama administration required the SSA to share information about those who are considered incapable of managing their own disability benefits due mental illness. 1

So now, finally free! free at last!, every heretofore unarmed ReThug ran immediately to a gun shop and showed them a teacher’s note saying it was ‘okay’ for them to have a gun.

Holy shite; wake up, people.

Après L'abattage de Réarmement

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  1. So…arming the mentally ill after Sandyhook is what? An attempt at humor? Hahahahahahaha – we get it!

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