Twitter: TTFN

We’re late on this 1, but Twitter sold their developer platform to Google.

The “word” is the 140-char platform is on its way out. Not immediately, of course, but down the road, say at the end of 2017, when Google, as is its wont, bores of and then discards the Twitter Google Fabric platform.

That’s bizarre and yet not at all disturbing.

We use three Twitter accounts: two of which are fake personalities, one a “real” account used to keep up with Go players/news from around the world. But should Twitter disappear overnight, we’d just go back to normal email/IM commo in its absence.

Yet to be decided is who –if anyone– purchases Twitter proper; both Disney and Google were purported to be in the running for the company just last year, and Twitter’s stock took a nosedive when both those behemoths passed on the mini-IM concern.

The current whisper stream is intimating FB will acquire Twitter; twitting adherents seem excited about the possibility, but we’re unsure: Twitter’s primary utility is that it allows total anonymity, thus empowering people to “safely” distribute images/news worldwide from totalitarian regimes: FB is Big Brother incarnate. We doubt Twitter’s anonymity would survive being borg’d by Google.

Twitter now appears to be on life support. Only time will tell whether it will be borg’d and by whom, or fade away like AOL, My Space or anything on the innernetz in the ’90s.

Twitter: TTFN

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