Kansas City

Well, that was a disappointment: the Icepocalypse II that wasn’t 1, Our Manchurian President-elect didn’t spontaneously combust 2, and the Chiefs, again, choked big time. 3

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…

Kansas City

Our self-imposed hibernation did allow the Astas to watch the original Star Wars flics; at 14 and 11 they are the perfect demographic. And of course they loved Yoda and the Ewoks.

We chose to watch the latest local commentary offerings: WIR and Ruckus.

On WIR the strongest feelings came from Helling, who sternly warned us that both the Chiefs and the Royals could abandon Kansas City unless we continue to subsidize their stadiums 4  And we need to start discussing that possibility now, ’cause, you know…panic!

Our personal opinion is, let them go.

Kansas City is not known for sports.

Kansas City is known for annually giving away at least half of its tax base via TIFs and other developer-friendly scams; it’s known as a city that –surprise, surprise, surprise!!!– doesn’t collect enough taxes to maintain its streets, sidewalks and lights (though the city does feel fiscally charitable enough to  underwrite a new private downtown hotel, not to mention a brand new airport) to the point the Mayor is practically begging voters to pass a nearly $1 billion “Go” bond he promises, PROMISES!, that this time  he won’t give away to developers 5; it’s known as a city that has more murders and gun violence than any other city in Missouri; it’s known as a city that –surprise, surprise, surprise!!!– does not have local control of its own police force 6; it’s known as a city whose school system only recently qualified for full accreditation (though did not receive it) for the first time in decades; it’s known as a city whose only daily newspaper quit investigating the true reasons for all the above and more over a decade ago, content to regurgitate wire service items and city hall hand-outs.

Let the teams move, for pity’s sake. It’s not like the city doesn’t have more pressing issues to apply that annual $3 million toward.

Besides, odds are the teams won’t move further than Wyandotte County.

Kansas City

Ruckus was disappointing.

But then it always is; where WIR host Nick Haines deftly deals questions to his panelists (while quietly folding his own hand), Ruckus Mike Shanin runs roughshod over his guests, never allowing them (or the viewer) to believe for an instant that Ruckus is about anything but Shanin.

This week was no different. However Shanin’s normal shallow behavior was exacerbated by his simplistic interview of Judy Ancel, UMKC’s Director of Worker Education & Labor Studies. The topic – the Missouri Legislature’s undoubted passage of a “right to work” 7 bill this session. 8

In the hands of Haines, or any other competent interviewer, this could have been not only interesting but enlightening. But Shanin tread oh so superficially, eliciting mere topical information; Ms. Ancel was thus boxed in as to her responses, though she did briefly slip in the concept of wage spillover.

But digging into the racist origins of “right to work” was clearly right off; no need in Shanin’s mind to confuse his prescribed talking points with the truth. No need to shine any light on America’s continuing corporate greed/fascism.

Like we said, disappointing.

Hell, we suppose there’s always next weekend. 9

Kansas City

Show 9 footnotes

  1. The high today is supposed to reach 53 degrees.
  2. Hope springs eternal.
  3. Really, did you expect anything different? Sure looks like an alliterative Super Bowl to us.
  4. Maybe even increasing the teams’ current allowance of $3 million a year.
  5. Sometimes when a politician promises not to do something, it becomes the one thing above all others that they most wish to do.
  6. The only America city to “earn” said distinction.
  7. Or, as we like to think of it, the “slavery at a fraction of the cost” bill.
  8. The last bill that passed (2015’s HB116) was vetoed by Gov. Nixon. The state legislature then failed to override that veto. The new Governor will undoubtedly sign any “right to work” bill that crosses his desk.
  9. Unless erstwhile Navy SEAL and noted weather pussy Gov. Greitens calls another “state of emergency.” Sheesh – grow a pair, dude.

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