Icepocalypse II

Hunkerin’ down, that’s the plan.

In advance of Icepocalypse II, I’ve toted enough wood indoors to build a 10-person sauna 1; there’s well over a case of beer, several bottles of wine and enough Pappy Van Winkle’s to see me us through; I bought a shit-pile of both C and D batteries for the portable DVD/radio units, with the SMT1500 providing juice-juice for a small switch and display monitor.

Have already purchased in abundance both cooked food and food that does not need to be cooked; after the 2002 ice storm I bought both a fireplace crane AND a hearth cooking grill.

I had the chainsaw tuned up and sharpened after Christmas. 2

Think we’re good to go. 3

Be safe. 4 5

Icepocalypse II

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  1. Teh Tv weather people swear this will NOT be a repeat of 2002. On the other hand, yesterday on Middlin’ Middlin’ the retired weather person said his computer models predicted an exact replica of the 2002 ice storm. Myself? I tend to err on the side of caution.
  2. It goes w/o saying that there’s enough ammo for both the Streetsweeper and the S&W .500. Duh…
  3. If all this seems like over-kill, you either did not lose power for 10 days during Icepocalypse I, or you drank your way through that ice storm and have no memory of it, or you were living elsewhere then.
  4. Oh, I’ve a sitar mix scheduled (about 7:30, I think) later tonight, if that’s your thing.
  5. If anyone is silly enough to attend the Chief’s game Sunday, let me know how THAT goes…

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