Erin Little Says Goodbye

JANUARY 11th UPDATE: Little was hired by the Shawnee Mission School District to ‘oversee media relations efforts and serve as spokeswoman.’

As we type this there is no explanation on Little’s KMBC bio page, but the long-time weather person announced via Twitter this morning that today is her last day at the station:

Long-time WNBTv readers will remember another New Year’s surprise back in 2014  when KMBC let Joel Nichols and Lisa Teachman go in favor of Little.

If such a thing were possible, there was a ‘groundswell’ of outrage over the move, especially because Teachman was far more popular than Little.

Indeed a Support for Joel Nichols & Lisa Teachman FB page 1 started up immediately, crying foul; the attitude toward Little at the time was nothing less than dismissive. Today, however, the same people are rallying ’round what they perceive as KMBC ‘firing’ Little. 2

WNBTv has requested a comment from Little, but don’t hold your breath.

Erin Little Says Goodbye

Show 2 footnotes

  1. At it’s height of popularity, the FB page garnered over 4K members; today that number is just over 3.3K.
  2. Though no such rumor, much less evidence, exists to support that claim.

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