Trump Dump

So the media is all agog over some emails found on a pervert’s laptop that may have some tangential relationship to a once-closed, decidedly not prosecution-worthy look at Secretary Clinton’s email server, on the off-chance that said emails could, perhaps, have some bearing on…jesus fucking kerist on a pogo stick; give us a break, wontcha? It’s not our first rodeo – if there was evidence enough to hit Clinton with an corporal administrative punishment from the State Department (much less culpability enough to warrant a trial) we would have heard it long before now.

Fact of the matter is Comey is a piece of shit using Clinton to cover up revelations like those below:

But, noooooooooooooooooooooo – we have to hear about Clinton’s emails (though the FBI said there was nothing prosecutable), which grew out of the Benghazi witch hunt, which, not so incidentally, specifically came into being as a means of tarring and feathering damaging Clinton during her presidential campaign.

Wake up, people.

Trump Dump

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