Rumors of War

“I have seen biblical prophecy fulfilled in Israel, and no one can deny that.”

President-elect…has reportedly appointed an ambassador to Israel: Mike Huckabee 1, a supporter of settlement expansion and the Israeli annexation of the West Bank, who claimed in the past that Palestinians don’t exist.

Great, yet another death worshipper in a position of power…

Rumors of War

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  1. Fun Fact! Mike Huckabee is a Christian Zionist, a sect of Christian fundamentalism that believes the actual Apocalypse will take place exactly as the Bible “foretells”, in the land of Israel.

3 Replies to “Rumors of War”

  1. this time after seeing all the pre-election garbage that flooded here from Israel I will not have any compassion for whatever happens there. they asked for it and now they are rejoicing because “god put trump in the white house”. good luck with that.

    1. They DO realize –according to Mike Huckabee’s firmly held beliefs– the coming ‘apocalypse’ means Israel’s utter destruction, right? Every man, woman and child?

      1. They only hear keywords: left, embassy-Jerusalem, palestinians, etc. Also people here voting on Israel’s behalf don’t realize that they have some things that we don’t and won’t like healthcare and they couldn’t care less about the decline here as long as they get what they want. I have to point out that I am not a huge fan of PLO and I’ve seen documents about its creation by the USSR/KGB. And I’ve seen plenty of info about faked news reports and luxury villas in Gaza, it’s not all rubble and dead people there. But the way Israel and its citizens acted in this election I hope they get what’s coming to them.

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