Let\’s Talk Scents

I can’t do politics any more. I just can’t.

Let’s talk scents… 1

Let's Talk Scents

GQ: What do you imagine success smelling like?

Hair Furer: I can’t say sweetness. I can’t say flowery. I would say it has a good scent.

GQ: So, those were the qualities you were looking for when you made your new cologne, Success?

Hair Furer: Well, we did a lot of testing. I relied on the professionals to a certain extent. I asked them for a range of what’s been acceptable over the years and they brought me a lot of things. But I made the final choice.

GQ: How long have you been wearing cologne?

Hair Furer: I started in my 30s. More or less for formal events. I’d wear it with tudos (sp) and things. But over the years I think, really, I’ve changed. I tend to use cologne more. I’ve always liked sweet smells.

GQ: How do you apply cologne? Are you a walk-through-the-cloud guy?

Hair Furer: I just spray my neck and behind the ears.

GQ: Are there smells you hate?

Hair Furer: Well 2 , there are things you don’t want to mention. In terms of fragrance, sometimes I smell things on people that are just terrible—things that make you not like them. We tried to stay away from those things. 3

GQ: What should someone smell like for an interview?

Hair Furer: I would say it depends on how close they’re going to get. If I’m doing an interview with a person from my desk, the person’s fifteen feet away or more, then I don’t smell the fragrance.

GQ: So have you ever fired someone because they literally stunk?

Hair Furer: No. Actually, maybe that’s not a correct answer. I’ve had people where it’s a little unpleasant. Not because of the cologne—I’ve never fired anybody for the wrong cologne—but I have fired people that, and maybe it wasn’t the main reason, didn’t exactly smell good. Maybe that was an early indicator, as they say.

Success by Trump will be sold as a four-piece collection and range from $14 to $55. 4

Let's Talk Scents

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  1. And perhaps drive some Trumpistas mad.
  2.  Menstruating women!
  3. And menstruating women. I hate that.
  4. I can’t imagine His Reign lasting, at the most, more than a couple of years. But oh what years the will be…

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