Chump Change

According to many many many what the fuck just happened analyses 1 of how we elected a hot mess of a president, chief among the identified culprits was The Left’s attitude toward The Deplorables.

Besides calling them The Deplorables 2 The Left said many many many mean things 3 about the slightly-less-than-half-the-voting-populace 4 that went GOP this year.

One of the accusations The Left apparently tossed out was that The Deplorable were too stupid to vote, that they consistently voted against their own self-interests. 5 This pissed off The Deplorables to such extent that once again they cut off their noses to spite the country’s face:

House Republicans are currently in the process of making lists of regulations that fall within their time frame and could potentially be repealed early next year. One of the major ones they’re eyeing is Obama’s overtime rule that requires companies to pay time-and-a-half to employees who make under roughly $47,000.

The rule is set to go into effect Dec. 1 6 and will be a top priority for Republicans to reverse, multiple sources said.

As an The Elite The Deplorables despise, I assure you this won’t affect me.

But y’all continue to enjoy the (minimal) fruits of your labor, hear?

Chump Change

Show 6 footnotes

  2. Which, face it, they are.
  3. Nasty things!
  4. Well, to be exact, 2 million voters less than those that voted for Clinton.
  5. Not to mention that of society and the country’s, as a whole.
  6. Though yesterday’s ruling will effectively kill it; any appeal would certainly last longer than the Obama administration.

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