All Hail Satan!

The first official meeting of the After School Satan Club in the United States took place Wednesday at Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, drawing national members of the Satanic Temple and Catholic protesters from a group based out of Pennsylvania.

after school satan club

“The club is here to contrast the presence of the evangelical Good News Clubs, which are here specifically to proselytize to children,” said Lucien Greaves, the Satanic Temple’s national co-founder, who was on hand for the first official meeting of the club, an open house for parents, students and staff. Members of the press were not allowed to attend. 1 2

All Hail Satan!

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  1. The Oregonian’s web presence, Oregon Live, shows a 404 for their online report. Fortunately…Google!
  2. Also? Give thanks to Thor that Ted Cruz isn’t in office; that schmuck truly believes he was sent by God to return America to its allegedly Christian roots. And if that means drowning some Satanists, so be it!

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