GOP Stuck With Their Pussy Grabber

Okay then! Given the most recent Trump gaffe, is it still possible for the GOP to replace their notorious pussy grabber?

Unfortunately for the ReThugs, there’s no rule that says the party can simply take its nomination back from Trump.

But for arguments’ sake…let’s suppose Trump suddenly has a fit of remorse about…well, everything he’s done since he reached his majority, but most especially his behavior while on the campaign trail…1…and decides he should not be America’s Pussy Grabber in Chief. If Trump wanted out, he would have to alert the Republican National Committee.

The RNC would then convene. To do this, legally, would require the ReThugs operate under Rule #8 and #9 to call a special meeting of all 168 members of the RNC and to vote to fill the vacancy at the top of the ticket. 2

And the ReThugs could replace Trump with anyone: Pence, Cruz, Bush, Peewee Herman.

Simple, right?

But…(there’s always a “but.”)

The hard part is state certification; the new nominee would have to be certified to be placed on the ballot in each state, which doesn’t sound all that onerous. After all, that’s what organizations like the RNC are supposed to excel at, n’est-ce pas? Except that each state has a different deadline by which a presidential candidate must be certified to make it onto their ballot. And guess what?

As you can see, those dates have all long since passed. Most ballots have already been printed. Moreover, at least 10 states have already started voting; with early voting at least at least 400,000 votes have been cast, not including military and overseas voters.

It is far too late for the ReThugs to assassinate remove Trump from the ticket and replace him with that fucking god-botherer Pence. At least, not without an illegal putsch bolder than Bush v. Gore. 3

In other words, Trump may well take a piss on the whole process, walk away, fingers in his ears, chanting “La la la la la la I can’t hear youuuuuuuuuuu!”, but even if he did so, he’d be leaving the ReThugs in the lurch – they could not submit another candidate. The GOP is stuck with their golem, come good manners or pussy grabbing.

In fact, we bet Trump will double down on teh stoopid this Sunday evening in the “town hall” debate. And who knows….there might be more tapes out there.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of regressive, jack-booted thugs.

GOP Stuck With Their Pussy Grabber


Show 3 footnotes

  1. Even he understands the ReThugs planks and policies were always meant to be “dog whistles”; you know, the GOP would imply and infer the things Trump has been baldly stating so the right people would get the message. But holy Mary Mother of God, he has been actually acting and talking –in public!!!– like David Duke! It gives the whole game away…
  2. Rule 8 allows for a minimum of 16 RNC members from 16 separate states to petition for a special meeting of the RNC; Rule 9 allows for the party fill a vacancy at the top of the ticket.
  3. Though were Trump to suffer a fatal medical condition, you can be sure the ReThugs would take their “case” to SCOTUS to be allowed to replace him with Pence, asking the court to force the states to change out Trump for Pence on all state ballots. Yes, that would push the election back, probably at least a month. Yes, it would be illegal. Yes, it would be seen by the rest of the world as America’s final devolution into third world, strong-man, banana-republic status (but with better optics.) But do not underestimate the ReThugs’ desperation: They were so close to fixing SCOTUS with enough conservatives to overturn Roe v Wade, completely gut the Voting Rights Act and, as a side benefit, return women to chattel that they’re now even crazier than any time before…and that’s saying something. The ReThugs would do ANYTHING to complete their mission, including either electing or killing Trump, whichever will achieve their goals.

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