Dead Drop: SafeSchools

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The (Académie Lafayette) board of directors set up compulsory training with SafeSchools this past summer. It was a direct result of the inappropriate behavior described in one of your posts. As for what actually happened, an Académie Lafayette teacher kissed more than one student. That teacher, who initially denied the charges, then admitted to them, no longer works at Académie Lafayette. The word in the hallways is that the Board claims the situation is not entirely clear and would like the whole thing to go away before other parents start asking questions: Bonne chance! But…training.

That the A.L. board of directors has yet to inform parents of what took place last school year, much less publicize their remediation efforts, reeks of rank fear. Which is strange; the board is populated with enough lawyers to know that it’s never the original event that causes you the most trouble, it’s always the cover-up.

Dead Drop: SafeSchools

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  1. Well, that didn’t take long. We should have set up an anonymous drop box long ago…

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  1. How the hell is a teacher kissing students okay! Why hasn’t this been explained to parents before now? And the board thinks it’s okay NOT to tell parents? What the hell? Why didn’t head of school say anything?

  2. How does this happen and the only way anyone knows anything is on a blog? No offense but the administration and the board should have informed at least all the parents in whatever classroom this was a long time ago. It’s simply irresponsible of them to not have done so. Has anyone heard anything from the current teachers?

  3. At our kid’s conference yesterday (Oak campus) we spoke to the teacher about this. She was nervous but did confirm that the training had occurred. We tried pressing her for more details, but though it was obvious she was aware of more of the ‘background’ I’d guess you would call it, she wouldn’t say more and was nervous about the whole topic. Those of you who have scheduled conferences today and tomorrow might try talking to your kids’ teachers about this. It’s certainly not a secret any more.

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