Trump: Idiot Test

trump_electrified“They’re talking about – my strongest thing is my temperament. And they talk about my temperament. They put ten things on a board and they said, “Oh, let’s go after him for temperament.”

“It’s my strongest thing according to the people who know me best. 1 won’t even say it myself. I think, maybe, even if I was going to say it, my temperament is the best. I know how to win.”

– Donald Trump (on Monday night’s The O’Reilly Factor)

Sweet baby Jebus on crack! How is this imbecile still being taken seriously? Has the American public been spoon-fed so much ‘reality’ TV they can’t tell the difference between Idiotest 2 and an actual idiot?

Trump: Idiot Test

Show 2 footnotes

  1. And here we thought his strongest thing was his total lack of shame while continually lying to American and the world.
  2. Fun Fact: If you click on the LOCATIONS link at the top of the Idiotest casting call page, you’ll see that neither Kansas or Missouri has anything scheduled to shoot this year. Nothing. Not one single show, test pilot of Movie or the Week. Why? ’cause, ya know…Hollyweird!

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