Labor Day

I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer, necessarily, but perhaps you should peruse the following nine charts that explicitly explain wage stagnation. 1

So…did you read the charts the same way I did?

Because my reading shows we’ll revert back to feudalism, and not all that long from now, either. 2 Duuuuuude, serf’s up! Everyone good with that?

Labor Day

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  1. Did you also break out into laughter at “The first policy choice should be to quickly restore full employment. The Federal Reserve Board can do this by not raising interest rates.”? Funny shit, man.
  2. RE Trump? There have been sociopathic douchebags for generations; they’ve just become even more nakedly in thrall to their ids of late. Don’t promulgate this; vote Hillary. Yes, I know, I don’t like her, either.

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