Fan Mail From Some Flounder

September 12, 2016


Do you have a follow-up to your earlier Académie Lafayette item? There is no information available from the school so far as we are aware.

S. Jackson

Mr. Jackson,

According to Our Friend the A.L. board conducted normal business matters this past Monday evening, to include yet more faint-of-heart dithering on a proposed Oak campus expansion that, in one form or another, has been languishing about since 2008; it seems construction costs for the latest design are prohibitive if built on the school’s north side, so a motion to study the costs of expanding on the school’s south side was passed. 1

But the topic of inappropriate behavior was not raised.

However, be patient; this is not something the board can sit on forever. 2

Best Regards,

Fan Mail From Some Flounder

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Due diligence is one thing, but eight years? Indecisive much?
  2. Much as they would love to make it all just go away.

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