Wingnuts On Parade!

In this inaugural edition of Wingnuts On Parade! we peer into the REVAMPED! Trump campaign.

Recently Trump added a couple of local GOP operatives to head up his Missouri operations: Aaron Willard 1 is Trump’s Missouri director, and Todd Abrajano 2 will serve as Trump’s communications director.

Just across State Line? Trump cherry-picked Sam Brownback ’cause…like, you know…Sam’s got that economic thang goin’ on. As well as for advice on AgriBusiness.

Surprisingly, as Brownbackistan is chock full of wingnuts, Trump didn’t further raid the state’s “talent” pool. Hell, we would have thought Kris Kobach would have been a great fit for Trump’s voter registration efforts3

Be that as it may, Trump’s most delectable pick is…wait for it…Michele Bachman. She’s advising Trump on foreign policy. Which makes no kind of sense to me: Sarah Palin is the obvious choice here, amirite? After all, she can see Russia from up there… 4

Quite a crew Trump Tamer Kellyanne Conway, who’s visage actually scares me more than Ann Coulter’s, is assembling. Over the weekend trump’s Lead Wingnut Conway took to the airwaves to…well, let he speak for herself:

CONWAY: He (Trump) has said that he wants to regret anytime he’s caused somebody personal pain by saying something that he didn’t intend to cause personal pain. And I think those who have received it privately should take that expression of regret…

STEPHANOPOULOS: So what changed for you? And do you stand by those comments?

CONWAY: I do. And the reason is I don’t like when people hurl personal insults. That will never change. That’s not my style. I’m a mother of four small children. And it would be a terrible example for me to feel otherwise –

STEPHANOPOULOS: You think Mr. Trump’s going to change on that?

CONWAY: Well, but he doesn’t hurl personal insults.

So the takeaway here is a.) Trump would dealy love to regret the awful things he says (but doesn’t), and b.) he flat-out did not insult the Kahns: He meant Khaaaan!

Finally, a politically time honored tradition, stealing candidate yard signs out of your neighbors’ lawns, has risen to national prominence. While hardly neighborly, it certainly doesn’t rise to the level of crime, certainly not in cities –like KC– where the PD can’t keep over a hundred people from being murdered each year. However, there’s no good reason this shouldn’t be done in a spirit of good, clean fun, competitively: I call on the makers of Pokémon Go to modify their game into a new one – Trumpémon Go!- where the object is to locate and remove Trump yard signs
Wingnuts On Parade!

Show 4 footnotes

  1. TMT: Grow Missouri largely exists because of conservative mega-donor Rex Sinquefield, who has a fairly clearly stated political agenda. How do you respond to criticisms that “one man” shouldn’t have so much power to influence elections and campaigns?

    AW: Foremost, we’re incredibly proud to have his backing and we support the letter of the law, which recognizes political contributions made by anyone as freedom of speech — a way to have your voice heard. Extrapolating upon that, there are many ways to have your voice heard. Some folks show their support by donating money, some by volunteering at the grassroots level, knocking on doors, and putting up yard signs. Others donate their talents and professional expertise. The point is, there are a myriad of ways for anybody to get involved and make a difference in the political process. But at the end of the day, on any given election day, individuals like Mr. Sinquefield have one vote, just like the rest of us. The people decide elections, which is as it should be.

  2. Prior to joining Fleishman, Todd worked for several years in politics and government, most recently serving as director of communications for the Missouri House of Representatives. In that capacity, he led a non-partisan office of eight communications professionals serving all 163 elected members. In addition to directing the non-partisan activities of the communications office, Todd served as press secretary for the Speaker of the Missouri House and other members of the Missouri House’s Republican majority leadership team, providing strategic counsel and overseeing and implementing communications plans and partisan messaging.

    In addition to his most recent political campaign clients, Todd has provided strategic and media counsel for the Missouri House Republican Campaign Committee; served as campaign manager and communications director for the Republican nominee in a nationally targeted race for U.S. Congress in 2004; served in a similar capacity for the Republican nominee for Connecticut state treasurer in 2002; and assisted in numerous other local, state, and federal political campaigns.

    During the 2008 presidential campaign, Todd directed “Spin Room” media relations for the McCain-Palin campaign during the only vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin which was held at Washington University in St. Louis.

  3. Said moron is currently busy appealing to the 10th Circuit in Denver the stay a lower court imposed on that part of his law requiring voters to show proof of U.S. citizenship in order to register. get Out the Vote!
  4. No, not her empty head; Alaska.

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