Trump Youth

AUGUST 19th, 2016, UPDATE: The Trump Youth web site is offline. There has been no explanation of why the site was removed, or who was responsible. 1 .ICANN shows Whoisguard, Inc. as the beard registrant. However as you can tell below the organization has yet to pull their vid from YouTube.

Yeah, it really is a thang. This is what you get when you stop teaching both world history and civics. 2

Trump Youth

Show 2 footnotes

  1. How much you want to bet the Trump lawyers got in contact with these jackanapes and ordered the site pulled down? If you’re gonna use Trump’s brand, you gotta cough up the franchise fee.
  2. Meanwhile, New Hampshire elected state representative and drooling meth head Al Baldasaro explains that he doesn’t really want Hillary Clinton assassinated, he wants her shot for treason. Whoo whee – good times!

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