More Trump Stupidity

Over at the WaPo –and every other decent news org— we discover that some ancient (2013) NSA hack toolz have been made “public.” 1 2 3 4 5 Said the New York Times:

“Most of the code was designed to break through network firewalls and get inside the computer systems of competitors like Russia, China and Iran. That, in turn, allows the N.S.A. to place ‘implants’ in the system, which can lurk unseen for years and be used to monitor network traffic or enable a debilitating computer attack.”

Though NSA-level tools being made available is news in itself, we bring it up because…

…which is relevant because:

Got that? Trump has started receiving intel briefs and has vehemently stated that he will not allow his campaign staff (or his putative White House staff/administration) to receive bribes fees from foreign powers for “speaking.”

Except of course for Gen. Flynn, well known for his Russian sympathies, not to mention his penchant for taking speaking fees from Russia.

So we have a pretend Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States; one who has serially expressed his admiration for Vladimir Putin and who has strong business ties with Russia; whose top military/foreign affairs advisor loves Russian rubles 6; whose erstwhile campaign chief, Paul Manafort, appears to have been on the take to the tune of $12.7 million in undisclosed and definitely without a single doubt boy howdy this is dirty money and lots of it! potentially illegal cash payments from a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine; a candidate whose wife just spent last weekend  with gal pal Wendi Deng Murdoch (Rupert’s ex-wife and now reportedly dating Vladimir Putin)  “sight seeing” 7 in Croatia….

If this were a novel it would take someone of David Cornwell’s caliber to pull off with a straight face.

As it is, it’s a farce of an election that will rightly destroy the Republican party as currently constituted. And not a moment too soon.

More Trump Stupidity

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  1. Your gonna have to buy them…if you know who to contact and have enough secret money to put in a non-risible bid. Right, not something you’re conversant with.
  2. Though…bitcoins? Not sure I would trust their use at this point; there is other cryptocash available — NOT worked over by major governmental players– to offer reasonably safe alternatives. Though, given we’re talking intel agencies here, maybe that’s the point: perhaps this is a reverse honey-pot, perhaps NSA or whomevah has deliberately leaked via back channels some old software that is fully loaded with undetectable RATs, hoping to discover (via the cryptocash trail) new power players. If that seems overly Machiavellian, then you don’t know your alphabet agencies, my friend.
  3. Although you can see what’s in the tool set here. Go ahead; don’t be afraid.
  4. They were posted to a staging server run by something known as the Equation Group.
  5.  Also available – NSA’s ANT division catalogue of exploits for…well, everything. Oh, you haven’t seen that? Here you go
  6. Though, honestly? I expect Flynn insists on dollars; probably small, unmarked bills – nothing larger than a $20.
  7. Ugh.

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