Inappropriate Behavior

A late summer squall appears ready to storm all over the Académie Lafayette board of directors.

In one of those totally stupid moves that only amateur governing bodies seem capable of, the Académie Lafayette board, instead of fully and transparently communicating their efforts to the parents involved, has sat on making any final decisions regarding reported cases of inappropriate behavior toward a few students by one of Académie Lafayette’s (now gone) teachers.

To be clear there is as of this moment no indication of abuse of the students, but a few parents plainly laid out the inappropriate behavior to the board by said teacher last year.

The board promised a response but the parents are still waiting. 1

Expect to read/hear more about this in the near future…

Inappropriate Behavior

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  1. Ed.’s Note: It turns out the board did not promise a response to the parents involved; they apparently simply heard the parents out. Yes, that does suck, but the preponderance of the board are attorneys, with the odd political creature and quasi-professional board-sitter added to leaven the mix. If the board would not move to oust Marvin Lyman after his disturbing public performance last September, it certainly wouldn’t dare move on teacher’s inappropriate behavior before, forgive us, “lawyering up.”

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  1. I heard whispers some parents went before a closed session of the board late last year to complain about ‘something’. It wasn’t until this summer people started talking about the reasons for some teacher’s leaving AL, one male teacher in particular, and started making connections.

    We had really really hoped the rumors weren’t true but I guess we’re out of luck.

  2. You would think the board would get tired of cutting off their nose to spite their face. Yes, there are undoubtedly legal and maybe even financial aspects of this situation (if described accurately.) And no one likes to admit that they are less than perfect. But to totally ignore the parents involved strikes me as just plain dumb.

    How much you want to bet a lawyer (or two or three) are involved?

  3. This is just stupid. Why does the board put itself and ALL the parents in such a position? Did they think the whole thing would just be forgotten, that no parent would talk to any ther parent? That no one would ask ‘what about OTHER classes that teacher taught? Was there inappropriate behavior then? And how would you know? It’s just dangerously idiotic, bordering on criminal.

  4. Has anyone signed up to talk to the board about this in a couple of weeks? It’s such a pain in the ass – you have to go to the AL website and click on the Speak At A Board Meeting under the About tab, and the shit they ask is frankly insulting. You have to tell them what you’re going to talk about in your 5 minute window, so they can get their excuses prepared. Not to mention the fact that they state RIGHT THERE that..

    “Please note that the Board generally will not respond to questions or comments. The Board views this part of the agenda as a listening period.”

    So I’m not surprised the board hasn’t responded to the parents who’s kids were…what?…not entirely sure at this point. Though, if they were my kids? I’d raise holy hell until I got real answers.

    Anyhow I’m out of town that week but someone should sign up and ask the board what’s up.

  5. Honestly, at the parent academic night, I wasn’t happy that questions weren’t being answered. Are they really taking the parent member position off the school board? Someone brought that up and it was immediately shut down and was no longer a topic of conversation. I didn’t like that. I had no idea that was even on the table and considering the fact the board was started by parents, I don’t think that’s right.

    I feel like the board has drastically changed in the last few years and not for the better. Also, I feel like we should have answers already about the high school situation. As someone with a 7th grader, I’m very concerned. We were the first “big class” at AL and I’m just hoping that we have a high school program when the time comes. We need it. I don’t want to send my child to another program. I know we will *probably* find out the situation at the end of September (if the Board shares the feasibility and plans), but we should have some idea right now.

    As a rape survivor, if there is inappropriate behavior happening at my child’s school, I want to know about it immediately and I’m very disappointed that I’m learning about this possibility from a blog and not from the school itself. Not knowing who the teacher was, I now have to have a conversation with my child to figure out if anything happened to them without alerting them to something that might have happened in a place that should be safe. Thanks, AL.

  6. I think we’ll hear something soon – there was a huge blowup ’round the front desk this morning, with staff and teachers upset all around. They had definitely heard about this post and no one was happy – they seemed to want answers as much as the parents involved.

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