Idiotic Parents

Scores of Sacramento area students were sent home from school this week after they showed up for kindergarten and seventh grade without proof of vaccination. In the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, 145 students out of about 3,200 starting kindergarten and seventh grade were sent home Tuesday on the first day of school for lack of immunization records…

A new state law that took effect July 1 eliminated personal- and religious-belief exemptions for families that opted to avoid vaccinations for their children. Under the new law, students entering the two checkpoint years of kindergarten and seventh grade are now required to show proof of vaccination. The requirement also applies to students who transfer into a district.

I’ve no love, much less tolerance, for idiotic parents who deny the well over a century’s worth of empirical data that supports the efficacy of vaccines in the prevention of childhood diseases. I’ve even less patience with parents who buy into the autism scam; there is absolutely zero evidence to link vaccines with autism.

No parent has the right, nor should society allow them to, imperil public health because they’re afraid vaccines will turn their children into newts.

So-called ‘adults’ who deny reality, as well as deliberately screwing up their offspring’s’ lives, should not in any instance be allowed to be parents – it’s that simple. 1

Idiotic Parents

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  1. Yes, we’re well aware there are a multitude of ways for parents to screw up their children beyond repair; today, however, we’re just talking about the way in which the commonweal is most obviously put at risk.

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