Tim Kaine

So. Tim Kaine.

My preference, given it’s Hillary as the nominee, would have been Tom Perez.

I don’t suppose Kaine is a bad choice; He speaks fluent Spanish, he’s a moderate well-liked by the media and he’s qualified to be president. Most importantly, Hillary is comfortable with him, which is another way of saying he’s willing to stay in the background except when he’ll have to step forward to be thrown under the occasional bus.

I doubt this will cause any significant bump in the polls ne way or another; Kaine won’t be setting policy, so his beliefs on hot-button issues are already null and void.

Even then, should Hillary take ill and pass away with Kaine sitting in the VP slot, it appears that the make-up of Congress will allow no significant bill to make it through, what with the ReThug’s continued guerrilla actions and the Dem’s likelihood of gaining seats in the Senate.

One of the reasons I like Perez –besides his obvious intelligence– is it would not put a Senate seat at risk. Yes, Virginia’s governor is a Democrat, but…You know.

Also, it means a lily-white ticket in November. A Perez choice would have been stronger in that direction.

Meh – no one asked me, but I suspect the ticket will suffice in November.

Tim Kaine

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