This Shit Again?

For years, the Islamic Center of Boca Raton, Fla., served as a polling station for Palm Beach County voters.

Since at least the year 2010, citizens have cast their votes within the pastel green walls of the mosque, whether it was for a presidential primary, a municipal election or a special primary.

Last week, however, the mosque was removed as a polling site.

The decision was made by Susan Bucher, Supervisor of Elections for Palm Beach County, after she received complaints, and threats, about the use of the mosque in the upcoming Florida primary in August and general election in November.

Sooooo….churches and synagogues are A-OK, n’est-ce pas? But mosques are not?

Moreover Susan Bucher is a cowardly moron to give in to “complainers”, especially those that promise to call in bomb threats should the mosque continue to be used as a polling station.

This is yet another example of our country being held captive by  extremist Christian terrorists. And, yes, teh stoopid.

This Shit Again?

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