You gotta admit – these cretins don’t know the meaning of the word “no.”

“The Health and Human Services Commission developed new rules to ensure Texas law maintains the highest standards of human dignity,” said Bryan Black, a spokesman for the commission.

…well, maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps they took the latest SCOTUS decision to heart.

Texas is proposing new regulations for abortion providers that would require them to dispose of aborted fetal tissue either through burial or cremation, saying the measures are intended to preserve human dignity. 1

Republican Governor Greg Abbott said he wants lawmakers, when they meet next year, to make the proposed regulations state law.

Oops! Guess my original assessment was correct.

Ideology of Isolation

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  1. Wait…does this mean, all things being equal, that any Tex-ass cowboy will have to do the same with the spunk-laden Kleenex he just jacked off in? I mean, it should, n’est-ce pas?

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