FBI Director Jim Comey stepped up and gave the ReThugs the bad news; not gonna do it, not gonna throw the election to you guys.  1 2 And he’s a Republican. 3

This wouldn’t normally bode well for the ReThugs, especially with a ‘candidate’ like trump.

However, Hillary’s troubles with the truth aside 4, the Dems are yet again stuck with a corporate shill of a candidate , one who’s only polling slightly ahead of the margin of error, a candidate who will make much of her program of tentative incrementalism, making mountains out of meaningless mole hills and idiotic compromises with the ReThugs (when it benefits their masters.) That’s the only time the two parties cooperate, when the money behind the power speaks.

So Hillary will “reach out.” That was her main selling point, after all; she knows how the system works, she’s good at the system, Bernie wasn’t, yadda yadda yadda. The sticking point here is that after eight years of refusing to work with Obama on one single issue, what makes Hillary think the ReThugs will work with her? And who, exactly, would these people be? Not Mitch O’Connell – he’s apparently too busy figuring out how to stream government funds to Noah’s Ark; not Ryan either, he’ll either be greatly diminished or in the minority after the elections.

And on what issue could the ReThugs and Hillary find common ground? Well, the consensus seems to be immigration overhaul and infrastructure, though from this vantage point that common ground appears more of a vast swamp full of snakes and quicksand.

But that’s only after her first hundred days when she has even bigger plans:

In her first 100 days, she would also tap women to make up half of her cabinet in hopes of bringing a new tone and collaborative sensibility to Washington, while also looking past Wall Street to places like Silicon Valley for talent — perhaps wooing Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook, and maybe asking Tim Cook from Apple to become the first openly gay cabinet secretary.

So, tepid incrementalism combined with feel-good social messaging. Because as the consummate WDC insider that is all Hillary knows. 5 Addressing the economic inequality that, combined with the institutionalized apartheid, is destroying us is outside her wheelhouse. This despite Dallas, this despite this year’s proto-fascist ReThug candidate for the presidency, this despite a failed national infrastructure that has turned lead into yet another vitamin to be ingested daily. None of this will be addressed by Hillary, so the country will continue its slide into third-world status.

To honestly address the problems facing our country would take the intellectual heft and political honesty of a Warren/Sanders ticket. 6 But we were robbed of that opportunity by none other than the DNC itself.

So get ready, America, for another 4 years of working families taking it in the shorts. Once Trump gets dumped in November it’s more of the same – plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. 7


Show 7 footnotes

  1. Though if he had, it certainly would have been a far more interesting election. Both Sanders and Biden –yes, Uncle Joe– would have stepped forward at the DNC to wrest the nomination away from HRC. Both men would have easily trounced Trump this November.
  2. Certainly an easy prediction, though you wouldn’t have guessed it reading certain local hysterics. That’s o.k. – we schooled him well.
  3. Yes, Virginia, there is a difference between Republicans and ReThugs.
  4. It seems some of Bill’s habits rubbed off on her during their long marriage.
  5. What – you think her SCOTUS choices will be far left-leaning? More fool, you.
  6. Yes, Warren on top; Sanders is getting up there.
  7. Yes, that goes for the next guaranteed Clinton scandal, too.

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