I promise you that throughout the day many a talking head will utter one of the following:

“No one saw this coming.”
“There is no justification for this attack.”
“We’ve got to get the guns out of the hands of these bad actors.”

Which is just top cover: Dallas isn’t even the beginning, it’s just as yet the most glaring response to America’s continued violent enforcement of apartheid. The proof of the pudding is the following tweet by an ex-Congressman:

Après Dallas, the black community will do some brief naval gazing and conclude (the collective) they did nothing wrong, much as innumerable police departments in America have done: After all, if the police are going to shoot you for being black, they might as well shoot you for having slain several of them, n’est-ce pas?

Finally, in what any 10 year-old could tell you is not an ironic turn of events, but merely the easily foreseen (one might say inevitable) outcome of the fucking NRA’s incessant promulgation of gun ownership violence (in support of Americans’ innate right to protect itself against the tyranny of government, Amen), America’s slave class appears to be well armed in their inevitable uprising.

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