Registration for the Congress starts in about two and half hours. I’m totally psyched; think I have a pretty good chance in the lower kyu pairings this year. Time will tell…

Boston, or more aptly Cambridge, seems to my eye to have changed very little. Part of that is the numerous colleges here; there’s far less realty growth/change in this area of the city. But a large part is due to the Charles. The river seems timeless, a rippling constant winding through the city’s commercial ebb and flow.

Kyzr Willis, the 7-year-old boy who disappeared from a city-run day camp hours before being discovered, drowned, on a South Boston beach earlier this week, is a hot topic of conversation, of course. Tempers are still running high. However, this being Boston, the Tom Brady “controversy” is getting plenty of equal time – will Belichick start Brady in Week 5! Really really pissed-off minds are loudly demanding answers!

But what’s got the local Tupperware social media crowd abuzz is reddit user MBTAhole, who innocently posted the following: “What’s the worst goddamn restaurant downtown?  Looking for some great bad recommendations to give to my shithead brother-in-law who self-identifies as a foodie.” Everywhere I went yesterday someone was talking, in that uniquely gawddamned aggressively loud Boston voice about the topic.

I don’t have an opinion other than to note that any restaurant that still slides a scoop of those infamously nasty Boston baked beans onto your plate, even with freaking breakfast, is a contender. My favorite reddit “recommendation” is this: “Is Jerry Remy’s in the seaport still open? Guaranteed food poisoning.”


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