Back to an Authoritarian Past

It is not hard to guess where this is headed.

Already Trump wants Congress to “declare war” on ISIS, never mind America hasn’t declared war on a country since WWII, much less the fact that ISIS is little more than an ideology and certainly not a country. It makes no difference – Americans have become so fearful that they appear willing to weaken their civil liberties and embrace 1 the proto-fascism embodied by Donald Trump.

Anything at all, they don’t care, as long as they aren’t run over by a suicidal Peterbilt 281 high on a religious ‘roid rage.

The right-wing, conservative (not to say “nut-job”) parties, both here and abroad, have managed to ratchet up enough paranoia over the last few years that xenophobia is on the uptick; viz. Brexit, Donald Trump, the Return of The Newt, Trump’s notion of “camps” for Muslims, etc.

Part of the problem is that, as a nation, we don’t remember Viet Nam, Korea or WWII. They have mostly passed out of living memory and become just history topics that are taught –when at all– only in brief. So you can well imagine the blank looks you’d receive when questioning your average high-schooler on the idea of “The Other” and the prevalence of the 30s & 40s right-wing authoritarianism that directly led to fascism, Nazism and internment camps with really large ovens.

So don’t be surprised –when it sinks in that DHS, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, DISA or you-name-it are powerless to stop random attacks by 1 or 2 people with no direct connections to ISIS or Al Qaeda; that it is impossible to thwart an individual with a high powered weapon from deciding one day to murder as many policemen, politicians or schoolchildren as possible; that it is impossible to prevent one person from borrowing a neighbor’s 3/4 ton dually and driving it into the mass of people on the golf course at Ft. Leavenworth during the annual 4th of July celebration– at the quiet acquiescence for internment camps for “those” people.

And if the definition of “those” people expands a bit, well what of it?

Back to an Authoritarian Past

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  1. And by embrace, we mean physically hugging the ReThug candidate, perhaps using Trump’s body –which, in contrast to his tiny fingers, is YUUUUUGE– as a shield.

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