Au Courant

This week’s au courant links:

And finally, yet another reason the Bernie Bros/Bras are incensed with Clinton – she’s just another corporate stooge:

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  1. OMFG – if you have to resort to this, move yourself and kids to a third-world shithole where…wait. Even in a third-world shithole the technology will apparently be beyond the amount of time you’re willing to be part invest in your children’s lives. Just suck it up and try caring about what they do already.
  2. Nick Charalambides endorsed!
  3. Like…dudh! Which is why so many of us hope and pray to Thor that the Bernie Bros/Bras keep up the campaign at the local and state level: The DNC is wholly owned by the corporations it once held in check, and the insiders like CLinto are obviously bought and paid for.

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