Emboldened by Brexit, U.S. secessionists in Texas are keen to adopt the campaign tactics used to sway the British vote for leaving the European Union and are demanding “Texit” comes next.

The citizen-driven vote in Britain can be a model for Texas, which was an independent country from 1836 to 1845, and its $1.6 trillion a year economy would be among the 10 largest in the world, said Daniel Miller, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement.

“The Texas Nationalist Movement is formally calling on the Texas governor to support a similar vote for Texans,” the group said on Friday. The office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott was not immediately available for comment.

Texit? 1 Jeez, settled case law aside, I say we let them vote. 2 Hell, nothing untoward happened in the past when a group of states decided to leave the union, why would it now?

What in the world do the rest of us need with Tex-ass? Amusement? Hell, we’ll just lump them in with all the other poor Latin AMerican countries south of the border; as we’ve previously mentioned, the old Tex-ass would almost immediately be subsumed by the narco traffickers…


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  1. And Caexit? Don’t think the movement in Cali stands a chance, actually; not near enough wingbats per normals there, despite what the MSM asserts.
  2. Especially if we all get a vote; the motion would overwhelmingly succeed, doancha think?

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