ReThug Insanity

Yesterday the ReThugs left little doubt in whose pay they are – the fuckin’ NRA’s.

Similarly Paul Ryan revealed his grand plan for the ReThugs in Congress: Do Nothing. That’s right, Ryan feels yet another 8 years of Congressional inaction is exactly what the country wants and needs. After all, how can you argue with proven failure? And if you’re not going to do the People’s business, there’s no need to have CSPAN recording every little inaction, n’est-ce pas?

Better yet, Ryan had the ReThugs pass an appropriations bill at 3:00 AM this morning 1 –allowing no discussion before hand– then adjourned the session two days early for the July 4th holiday, all to stop the 15-hour House Democratic sit-in to force a vote on gun control legislation.

The contrasts between the two parties could not be clearer: the ReThug majority not only does nothing (Thoughts and Prayers, doncha know?), they do so in such a way the Dems are prevented from effective action, until all they have left is symbolic protests.

Yesterday once and for all put paid to the lie of “both sides do it.”

One hopes the public at large not only was watching but remembers come November.

ReThug Insanity

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  1. Only Thor knows what’s in the damned thing; suppose we’ll find out the bad news down the line…

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