“Because in the end this decision is about the people, the right of people in this country to settle their own destiny. The very principles of our democracy, the rights of all of us to elect and remove the people who make the key decisions in their lives. And I think that the electorate have searched in their hearts and answered as best they can in a poll the scale the like of which we have never seen before in this country. They have decided it is time to vote to take back control from a EU that has become too opaque and not accountable enough to the people it is meant to serve.”

Boris Johnson

The results of the U.K.’s vote yesterday 1 will long be with the world; some for ill, some for good.

For all of that Johnson is correct in his assertion: “…this decision is about the people, the right of people in this country to settle their own destiny.” In a very real sense the people of Briton decided their own destiny yesterday.

While most of the world’s leaders, movers and shakers have bemoaned the outcome, a majority of the British public have spoken. “Sod off, ya tossers!

The British public of late have been in a similar mood to the American public, expressing feelings of powerlessness, disenfranchisement and anger at an economic system that is rigged to only reward the already well off. Admit it – many of you you feel the same. Especially if you are one of globalization’s losers or the victim of politicians. 2 Which is a whole bunch of us.

Hence the advent of Trump and the surge of Bernie popularity.

Hell, you can even see it in Kansas City, with the recent political pushback against TIFs for TIF’s sakes, expansion because it seemingly lines some local politician’s pockets.

If there ever was an unspoken global internet meme, it would be now, with the world’s people having decided they won’t take it any more.

Understandable, but leaving the EU won’t automagically fix the rigged economic system at Briton’s core, any more than America putting a charlatan into the White House will cause South American (illegal) immigrants to disappear behind an imaginary wall, any more than allowing Kansas City’s mayor to lavish tax monies on local development interests will make us a “world class” city. In all these cases people are being fed copious amounts of horseshit.

The problems plaguing us, to include Kansas City, originate much closer to home; years of governmental policies that place corporations’ rights over that of our populaces’; the continued erosion of our most basic rights (while yet turning a deadly blind eye to the misinterpretation of others); local governments that decimate public services and widen economic and racial inequality under the long discredited flag of Conservatism. Our problems stem from politicians who care about nothing but their own political survival.

Which is but another way of saying our problems ultimately originate with ourselves, whom we choose to vote for, if indeed we even bother to vote.

Wake up, people. We can’t willy-nilly drag city mayors or state senators and representatives from their offices, tar and feather them and ride them out of town on a rail. 3  Nor can we head to DC to challenge a Congress Critter to a duel 4, much less spray the House of Representatives with an AR-15 type weapon loaded with a drum mag. Jeepers, no! 5

Go get registered to vote. Do it today. Then vote. Every time an election comes around. Remind yourself that it is the duty of every American citizen to vote, not just some onerous chore you avoid. Don’t kid yourself there is not a substantial difference between Trump and Clinton; there’s a yuuuuuuge difference. Vote! Pay attention to the down-ticket choices. Vote!

After all, you don’t want to wake up four years from now trying to figure out how the hell Vice President Ivanka is running for President against Sen. Robert P. Casey, Jr.


Show 5 footnotes

  1. Not to mention its significant contribution to the OED: Brexit, noun, a portmanteau of the words “Briton” and “exit”.
  2. And here I’m speaking, in order, of those who lost jobs to workers overseas and those who died for the NRA.
  3. Much as we might desire to, Thor knows.
  4. At least, not since 1858 when O. Jennings Wise ruined it for everyone by shooting Samuel Clemens’ cousin Congressman Sherrard Clemens; Congress decided it had enough of that, thank you.
  5. Though I can think of no faster way to have an assault rifle ban enacted in this country. However, honestly? There would still be some (live) conservatives in the house willing to stand on the the bloody principles of their dead colleagues and vote against said bill.

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