Trump: The Hadji’s Brink

On Trump’s progression toward the White house:

But the unforeseen does have a way of happening. So with the race in a temporary dead heat, it’s worth pondering what unexpected events might pave Trump’s still-unlikely path to the White House…

What Trump benefits most from, I suspect, is a more limited sense that things are out of control — a feeling of anxiety about the world that pulses through your TV set or your computer screen but hasn’t yet hit your neighborhood or family or bank account directly.

Thus the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif., and the entire Syrian refugee crisis were ideal for Trump’s appeal, contributing to a sense that “there’s something there, and it’s bad” (as he put it) without clarifying the stakes involved for the United States or the kind of response that a President Trump might actually be charged with undertaking…

His ideal summer and fall would feature a new form of chaos with every news cycle: Zika in the summer months, a child migration crisis when the weather cooled, a European capital in lockdown every other week. He would want to campaign amid a persistent mood of instability, anxiety and dislocation, but one that didn’t make people so anxious that they started worrying about all the obvious ways that he might make things worse.

We opined much the same over at Jimmy C’s place last week in response to a piece that worthy had written refuting Steve Kraske’s assertion that Trump can beat Clinton. But be not yet overly alarmed – The Comb Over himself has indicated he doesn’t believe he can win: He’s begging for money.

In the normal course of things that would be small potatoes – politicians beg for money as often as they lie. 1 However The Donald was supposed to be different; he was not going to be beholden to any individual or group because he was financing his own campaign.

But on May 9th the NYT reported Trump turned to the ReThugs for funds.

And that’s Trump’s “tell.”

If you look at Trump’s financial history, he has always, ALWAYS, done the same thing the exact same way: when he senses a project will fail, he finances it with other people’s’ money then  declares bankruptcy amid the ruins, viz. Trump Hotels and Casinos, the Plaza Hotel and the Trump Taj Mahal et alia.

Given that history, Trump’s request to the ReThugs for $1.5 billion makes perfect sense; Trump knew he could smack this year’s ReThug idiocy of Candidates around easily enough, but doesn’t truly believe he can take on Clinton and win. He’s desperate. 2

And you know what they say about gambling and desperate money, n’est-ce pas?

Trump: The Hadji's Brink

Show 2 footnotes

  1. All the effin’ time.
  2. Or…far more ominously…Trump believes he can win and is intent on soaking the ReThugs for all he can bleed from them. We have a hard time accepting this version of reality, if only because of the sheer national calamity a Trump presidency would bring about; seriously, we’re not even sure the dotard is smart enough to tie his own shoelaces. But remember – the ReThugs have voted for similar con-men in the past.

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