Oklahoma…NOT OK!

So this past Friday Oklahoma had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

How bad was it? Put it this way – the malignant hat-trick Oklahoma pulled Friday easily rivals the willful spitefulness spewed daily from Kansas Brownbackistan. Yes, it was that bad.

  • OK state legislators sent a bill to their governor that would charge any doctor who performs an abortion with  felony
  • A grand jury released a report concerning OK’s fuck-up of a couple of executions
  • OK state legislatures waded into the overflowing transgender-bathroom issue 1

The moran who introduced the abortion bill,  Sen. Nathan Dahm, did so because he hopes for a lawsuit, one he anticipates will eventually be adjudicated in his favor by SCOTUS. 2 Anther OK legislator, Sen. Ervin Yen, a pro-life Catholic doctor, referred to the bill as “insane.”

Up next was OK Senate Concurrent Resolution 43 which calls on Oklahoma’s U.S. House representatives to impeach the President and other federal officials because the Justice Department sent a letter of guidance to schools outlining how to not discriminate against transgender students under the administration’s interpretation of the law. Hence Senate Bill 1619, which would require OK schools to provide transgender-free bathrooms.

And of course an OK grand jury released a Simon Crowell-sarcastically-dismissive report on the Freddie Kruger-like incompetence of OK’s Department of Corrections last two executions.

Oklahoma! Where teh stoopid comes sweeping down the plain…

Oklahoma...NOT OK!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. This is to say nothing of an OK House vote to adjust the earned-income tax credit claimed by 355,000 low-income Oklahomans in order to realize a 2% in the state deficit. Of course the OK retained tax cuts for the rich.
  2. On the same day this moran was said to have gone out and bought over $1K worth of Powerball tickets, because…teh stoopid.

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