Jeff Roe

Jeff RoeSo now not only has Jeff Roe never managed a winning statewide race, he’s also never managed a winning national race.

Here’s hoping he crawls back up his obscenely corpulent ass and stays there.

That means, local media…no fawning profiles, no Q & A about what might have been, no apple sauce to apples dissection of what went wrong. NO FREE PUBLICITY. Let this mongrel slink quietly away.

Jeff Roe

2 thoughts on “Jeff Roe”

  1. Kansas City’s institutions (such as they are) seek nothing more than continual validation; of course the Star and the Pitch will do stories on Roe, if only to reassure themselves Kansas City matters.

    The inconvenient truth that we don’t won’t bother them at all.

  2. I certainly wouldn’t bet against either news organ sucking up to Roe.

    Of more fascination to me at this moment is whether Teddy endorses the pathological liar and narcissist who just thrashed him like a English school boy. What do you think Roe would advise?

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