H. Monastic

WNBTv originally offered the idea of a H. spaiensH. monastic split in 2011 in an item we published concerning the unfortunate lack of oversight by then Bishop Finn of the St. Joseph-Kansas City see.

Our premise was thus:

1. A modern H. erectusH. ergaster split has already occurred;
2. That split will continue to widen, but;
3. Will not be recognized as a split until well after the fact.

We labeled this new split H. sapiens – H. monastic, wherein H. monastic is defined thus:

• An unhealthy preoccupation with lives yet to be born;
• An unhealthy preoccupation with how women behave;
• An unhealthy lack of concern regarding children’s safety;
• An unhealthy insistence on killing people for any number of reasons;
• An unhealthy support for wars because their deity of choice commands it;
• An unhealthy concern with other people’s lives and an attendant need to correct them according to the tenets of their “religion”…or shit they made up.

WNBTv makes reference to H. monastic any number of times, hence this page.

H. Monastic