GOP Idiocy

Especially for those lucky souls standing on a T.S.A. line today…

The T.S.A.’s work force and budgets have in fact been shrinking. The agency’s rolls have declined to about 44,900 screeners today from 47,000 in 2013, even as passenger travel has increased by 15 percent. But it is also true that it has been plagued by mismanagement and other problems of its own making. An unloved stepchild of the Department of Homeland Security, the T.S.A. has suffered through continual turnover in leadership, repeated misconduct by senior managers, low staff morale and high rates of attrition among screeners…

Not all the T.S.A.’s troubles can be blamed on missteps by the agency. The dysfunction has been compounded by an earlier 2013 bipartisan budget deal negotiated between Senator Patty Murray, Democrat of Washington, and Representative Paul D. Ryan, the current House speaker, to avert a government shutdown.

The deal set the security fee assessed on each segment of a plane trip to $5.60, but called for 60 cents of that fee to be diverted from the T.S.A. to pay down the national debt. This year, $1.25 billion in fees is going into the Treasury instead of paying for screeners and new equipment.

This is an exact page from the Congressional ReThuggery playbook: Cut the T.S.A.’s budget, then scream –in high pitched voices– about the resulting chaos they created and run around like Chicken Little crying out, “See! Government doesn’t work! Government doesn’t work!We must privatize!”

What bothers us most about the above item is…we’re diverting funds from T.S.A. to pay down the national debt?


Jesus H. Ke-rist On A Fucking pogo Stick! Since Ronnie Raygun uttered his infamous maxim, “…government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem”, the ReThugs have worked (paid) overtime to prove it. Especially if that means destroying or hampering effective programs.

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