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May 4th, 2016

You fucking idiot,

I suppose next your gonna tell us why Trump won’t win the general election when you like every other douchebag on the internet said he couldn’t win the primary right? And that Trump supporters are uneducated morons right? Well I don’t have a college degree but I don’t need one to see what mess the country is. Trump is the only politician who tells the truth about that and the only one who has plans to fix it. Like did you hear on NPR (that’s right I listen to NPR) where a Trump supporter from South Carolina was telling him about how they had to close the movie theatre and the bowling alley? And Trump said that he would bring those back, he would bring those jobs back to small town America? That’s what Hillary and Bernie and Cruz and all the others don’t get, they don’t get small town America. What all you guys don’t get is that the establishment all of it is so fucking corrupt that I will support Trump over everyone else. Hell he’ll hire people to come up with policies and shit. If George Bush could let Cheney run the country maybe Trump will make Ben Carson his VP and let HIM run it. That wouldn’t be bad. But Trump would still bring back jobs to white America and make us strong again. The way Obummer is going all the good jobs will be oversees or go to minorities. Hillary would keep on doing that. So you can talk all you want about how dumb we are but I’m willing to bet there will be more of us voting this fall than those of you.

C. Kingman

Mr. Kingman,

That’s an awful lot to unpack, but I’ll try.

My sense here is that the thrust of your argument has to do with a yearning for what has long since diminished and gone into The West. Sadly, it won’t be returning.

Whether Trump exhorts the little people from the Rust Belt, or the hard-working americans of South Carolina or even the salt of the earth miners of Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Utah, Alaska and elsewhere, he’s basically reassuring them that he, too, not only remembers a time when cities like Detroit, Buffalo, Flint and even Kansas City mattered, but that he will restore said crypts (and most importantly, the people dwelling therein) to their former grandeur.

That’s perfectly understandable; all politicians lie to one degree or another in order to get elected.

But the truth is there is now no economic reason for these places to exist. These locales once provided services and industries that simply aren’t relevant, needed or wanted now. Much of that is due to corporate greed/mismanagement 1, For the rest, they were mugged by endless trade agreements. 2

The time for voting for a crypto-fascist like Trump in order to turn back the clock has passed those towns by, has passed you by, Mr. Kingman. 3 What citizens of these now marginalized areas need to do is leave; move to where work actually exists. The job elves set sail long ago and are not returning. 4 I suspect you know this but desperately want to believe Trump can pull the mythical 1950s from his hat while the nations gasps and applauds.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that the president did indeed try to make those areas relevant again, did indeed try to put all those souls back to work. With Obama’s proposed American Jobs Act he was intent on reviving much of the old WPA, which added plentiful jobs while creating much of America’s infrastructure. Sad to say all of Congress balked at the proposal because…teh stoopid for varying idiotic political reasons.

Unfortunately there’s no reason to think that even if Trump resurrected Obama’s proposed legislation, covered it with  whipped cream, gilded it with fairy dust then topped it with a cherry and then presented it to Congress with smoke and mirrors and kept chanting “It’s HUGE! It’s AMAZING! And the Mexicans will pay for it!”  that it would fare any better. 5

Ah well…

As to Trump’s chances in the general election, that depends on how many people believe the fairy tale he’s spinning . My sense there is that it won’t anywhere near enough to rally past Hillary and The Machine.©®

But consider this – it could be worse. Your nominee could be serially wife abuser Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

I’m jes’ sayin’.
Fan Mail From Some Flounder

Show 5 footnotes

  1. See Great Recession.
  2. With many, many more on the way.
  3. I’m just guessing, judging by the tone of your email.
  4. Many of your neighbors have already done this. It is not easy, granted. And you may feel too old to make such a change. But migration is your only financial salvation because Trump isn’t bring back your bowling alley, no matter how many times he lies through his teeth about doing so.
  5. If you’ve not noticed, Congress has been an ass of late. Say, for the last 8 years…

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