Fan Mail From Some Flounder

April 30

As an avowed Sanders supporter how can you justify his plan to continue competing in the primaries until the July DNC? Isn’t he doing Hillary’s image more damage than she might be able to weather? I’m sure Trump has people following up on every area where Bernie has dinged her – shouldn’t Bernie just get out now?

D. White
Blue Springs

Dear D,

Let me just put this out there: No one has or can do more damage to Hillary than she has done to herself…over and over again. It’s not even close.

Having said that, I would disagree with the contention that a spirited primary competition is bad for anyone, and certainly not for Democracy per se. What is bad for Democracy is a rigged Superdelegate system that rewards party hacks over ideas. But, hey – that’s cash money already stuffed into DNC officials’ wallets at this point.

To more directly answer your question I believe Sanders’ continued quest is not as quixotic as it appears. And, you know…fuck Trump.

The Bernie dudes and dudettes are a major consideration; without Sanders pointing them Hillary’s way, many will simply stay home. It is conceivable that should enough of them spend their time planning to move to New Zealand rather than voting it could depress Hillary’s turnout enough for her to be, yet again, an also-ran. 1

My money is on Sanders parlaying his supporters into more than additional socialist planks to the party platform. My guess is that fairly soon Sanders will amicably concede to Clinton and that rapidly thereafter the two announce, though they did indeed discuss the Vice Presidency, both Bernie and Hillary felt he would have more impact as Secretary of Commerce (or maybe Labor.) Once Bernie’s (putative) position is announced, Hillary gains a cabinet-level running mate. Which means Bernie will start aggressively stumping for her, unleashing his invective 2 on Trump and, ahem, Carly.

Clinton gets Bernie’s supporters 3 and she gets to select a VP from one of the big swing states.

That’s what I think.

But heed me; this election cycle is more bizarre than 2008’s. And that one had Palin. This election has blitzed along as though it were a continuing episode on South Park.

Anything, and I mean anything, can happen.


Fan Mail From Some Flounder

Show 3 footnotes

  1. Though the “Sanders flight” may well be offset by either Cruz or Kasich running as a third-party candidate; many ReThugs will stay home if it’s Clinton vs. Trump. But they might turn out to vote for Kasich or Cruz as a protest: The ReThugs’ absolute hatred of all things Clinton is so strong otherwise marginally sane pols will cut their own throat if they believe it will thwart a Clinton.
  2. Which is fearsome.
  3. Or at least they don’t actively vote against her; yes, this is a crap-shoot on Hillary’s part, but it’s the only play she’s got.