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From the beginning of revelations through the Panama Papers, something was wrong. The first names uncovered were associated with countries like Russia and China, which are considered to be rivals of the West in the new Cold War. There were, of course, and the “collateral damage”, as the Prime Minister of Iceland as well as the British Prime Minister.

But even these “collateral damage” may not be so random. Let’s not forget that Britons will be asked to vote this summer on whether they want to stay in the European Union or not. The leak concerning the father of British Prime Minister, could be seen as a warning shot to the Cameron in order to get a clear position against a possible Brexit. Regarding Iceland, it suffices to recall that it is the only country that dared to imprison several members of the banking mafia after the outbreak of the last great depression.

The impressive data volume of Panama Papers, is a good indication for the fact that the status quo, globally, is moving aggressively-faithful to neoliberal tradition and method-to create another monopoly in the field of “industry” of leaks.

Thus, the war between the “outside the system” and “within the system”, it came naturally. The WikiLeaks directly and understandably alarmed when they saw the names of contributors to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, who had a central role in the revelations of Panama Papers. Michael Gianneskis in his article why more Papers Panama said: “What is financing the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists who had a key role in revelations? The Centre for Public Integrity of the USA, which in turn is funded by the Open Society Foundation (Soros magnate), the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Family Fund and other “charitable” foundations. While at the bottom of the website of Corruption and Organized Crime Reporting Project in which published the Papers Panama, as sponsors, the Open Society Foundation and USAID.”

Something else which passed rather unnoticed, is that leaks of Papers Panama appeared almost simultaneously with another big scandal revealed by WikiLeaks. The revelations of Panama Papers came immediately after the disclosure of the WikiLeaks that concerns Greece and the famous dialogue between economic assassins of the IMF, who discussed the possibility of a “credit event” in the country, so as to force the Government to get all Tsipras measures are designed based on the Greek experiment.

Possibly it is mere coincidence, but it would be good to have in our minds. “Their timing” leakages of Papers Panama proved to be very handy, as it very quickly eclipsed the WikiLeaks leaks regarding Greece and turned world public opinion (even the Greek) in revelations of Panama Papers that I have been impressed with the volume of their data. Actually, the volume that is incomparable, but if one comes down, not revealed something that we didn’t know. Most probably not were surprised, while probably a large part of the transactions (maybe the biggest) located in Panama Papers be considered legitimate in the context of aporrythmismenoy the global financial system.

On the other hand, almost everyone knows the dirty role of IMF and the policies that have destroyed many national economies so far, among them the Greek. Nevertheless, it was the first time that executives were considering the possibility to design an economic coup-type Draghi-against a country. Therefore, qualitative information is much more important than the Panama Papers, despite the huge volume.

The last example indicates a possible tactic that can be applied in future in similar cases. The status quo could “mpoykwnei” the public with huge volume controlled leaks through systemic information channels, which, anyway, would require large treatment time, whenever the WikiLeaks, Snowden, or others, truly independent whistleblowers, will attempt to make a real revelation. In this way, it could throw them out of the “industry” of leaks and gain the monopoly in this field. Easy to understand that this will mean the end of real revelations.

Of course, this assessment may prove to be incorrect. We must wait to see if the data set of Papers published Panama without discrimination. These developments do not leave much room to be an optimist. It seems that “outside the system” in the “industry” of leaks are right and the battle with the “within” system will continue.

Already started recently a war on Twitter, as WikiLeaks attacked reporters and organizations that control the content of Panama Papers, arguing that exercising a kind of censorship, since they do not publish all the data. The Süddeutsche Zeitung replied that limited access to the files was one way to protect the source of the leak. The WikiLeaks retaliated, essentially implying that this is cheap excuses.

Moreover, apart from the effort of channels of information systems to conquer the monopoly of “industry” of leaks, there is possibly a deeper goal. The establishment tries to equalize everybody down from the dominant “ideology” and to spread the message: unable to find an ethical value system beyond the neoliberal doctrine and therefore need to settle and play based on the “rules” imposed.

Especially the revelation concerning the Iceland, perfectly suited to that purpose. The Prime Minister of the unique country that put in jail the bankers, has been found in Panama Papers. To be honest, the fact that most of us were also outraged at not particularly surprised, nor with the revelations of Panama Papers, shows that the Matrix in which we live has already affected the moral centers of our brains. However, there are encouraging signs of resistance. Just one example is the mass movement of Bernie Sanders in the USA. And this is one of the main reasons that real whistleblowers are being hunted wild by the establishment, in order to conquer the monopoly of “industry.”

Enterprise Panama Papers

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