Cracker Jack Bullshit

Cracker JackIf you are old enough you remember when you got an actual (tiny) toy in your box of Cracker Jacks.

The first prizes were issued in 1914: two Cracker jack baseball card issues that featured players from both leagues. The “toy” surprises have included rings, plastic figurines, booklets, stickers, temporary tattoos and decoder rings. 1 The prizes were so varied there is at least one book on the subject.

Well, kiss all that goodbye. 2 Back in 2013 some prizes became codes for people to redeem “nostalgic” games on the Cracker Jack app available via Google Play. Now even that is being down-sized.

Frito-Lay announced the “Prize Inside” will no longer actually be inside the box. Instead it will be digitized. The 5 year old in your home will have to download an app, scan a sticker inside the Cracker Jack box and access “baseball-inspired mobile digital experiences,” the company said.

You know what, Frito-Lay? Blow me. Just blow me.

Cracker Jack Bullshit

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Looooong before the Johnny-come-lately Cap’n Crunch decoder ring.
  2. Though to be honest? The prizes have sucked for the last decade or so.

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