Senator Walnuts

Oh, how the mighty keep falling…

At the same time, Arizona’s Senior Senator John McCain, who will turn 80 this summer
and who has been in the Senate since 1986, is now in a tight contest with Democrat Ann
Kirkpatrick (42% to 42%). As recently as 2005, Senator McCain enjoyed favorable job ratings
from 73 percent of Arizonans but his current ratings are down to 32 percent favorable with 25 percent saying he is doing a “poor” job in Washington.

McCain’s positive job ratings have totaled under 40 percent since 2010 and while he has
always proven himself to be a formidable campaigner in past elections, the negative mood in the nation and perhaps in Arizona as well toward “the establishment” may turn 2016 into a major challenge for the storied Senator.

What seems most unusual about the Senior Senator’s job ratings is that they have become
largely non-partisan. While Independents are the most favorable toward the Senator, Democrats and Republicans hold amazingly similar views. Thus 25 percent of Democrats and 31 percent of Republicans applaud his performance in Washington… but 32 percent of Democrats and 30 percent of Republicans rate his performance as “poor.”

It has taken an era wherein the ReThug base is so negative as to not give one good gawd damn about, you know, actual governance (viz. – the last 8 years) –instead desperately needing only to project their crazy on the rest of the nation– to bring about the conditions under which John McCain may actually lose his seat.

Waaay past time, IMO.

Senator Walnuts

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