Panama Papers & Ransomware

Before we dive into ransomware, we thought you might enjoy a readable overview of the latest and largest data breach. Have fun.

Panama Papers & Ransomware

We’ve mentioned before the reason most people don’t get hacked is they’re too poor. It’s far more lucrative to go after banks, to include the IMF et alia, where the hackers can be sure they’ll score actual money and not just overdraft fees. 1

Where the lumpen masses are affected is the hyper local – their own PC/laptop, via ransomware. And this works surprisingly well even on a larger scale: Short of banks and idiotic companies like Target, the easy money turns out to be in…hospitals.

That’s right – hospitals. They are increasingly becoming prime targets for ransomware. Last month it was Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center that dolled out the coin…bitcoins, that is, in order to regain control over their network. $17k worth.

Two weeks ago another three hospitals were nailed.

And just last week a whole hospital chain was attacked by ransomware, holding hostage the entirety of the MedStar server network in Maryland and WDC.

Naturally, the FBI was called in. 2

Interestingly the ransomware forced the MedStar hospitals to reroute ER patients to outside hospitals; the attack prevents patients from receiving timely care. It’s also possible some of thos patients may suffer a negative outcome does that make the hack more? Does the act morph into, say…assault and battery? Then there’s the fact that hospitals are considered part of our “critical infrastructure”: does this ransomware attempt now get classified as terrorism?

Panama Papers & Ransomware

Show 2 footnotes

  1. This doesn’t include CC theft/identity impersonation, which is its own distinct sub-genus.
  2. It’s too early yet to know if the FBI will issue yet another subpoena to Apple. Naw…who was I kidding? Of COURSE they’re going after Apple again.

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