Mosul Dam Repair

A brief update on an issue WNBTv noted earlier

MOSUL DAM, Iraq (AP) ā€” A team of Italian specialists arrived Thursday at the site of the Mosul Dam as part of an emergency campaign to repair Iraq’s largest dam before it collapses.

The advance team from the Italian engineering firm Trevi Group will set up a camp for the group of engineers who are expected to arrive within a few weeks…

The dam’s core problem is that it was shoddily built on unstable ground: The earth underneath it is constantly being eroded by water. From the day it was inaugurated in 1985, maintenance crews have had to continuously pour cement under its foundation…

Things have worsened because the dam was captured for several weeks in 2014 by the Islamic State group. U.S.-backed Iraqi forces retook the dam, but no grouting took place for six weeks. Even since then, the grouting has not been up to full levels in part because the militants control the nearby factory that produces the concrete for the dam.

As a result, there are “almost certainly … an unprecedented level of untreated voids” in the dam’s foundation from continuing erosion, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said in a Jan. 30 report.

Mosul Dam Repair

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